Our three-year business plan sets out England's Economic Heartland's broad work programme from 2022 to 2025.

To date, EEH has focused primarily on building the strategy, policy and evidence base required to identify investment priorities in the region. This will continue – culminating in a clear investment pipeline and an evidence base to support it.

Concurrently, EEH will begin bringing forward infrastructure priorities into investable propositions, while also supporting our partners' capacity and capability.

Three-year Business Plan 2022 to 2025

Board/ Forum papers

Our work

The pages within the 'our work' section reflect the framework set out in our three-year business plan.

Transport strategy

Evidence base

Planning for net zero

Strategic connectivity: public transport

Strategic connectivity: roads for the future

Strategic connectivity: freight

Strategic connectivity: digitally enabled infrastructure

Strategic connectivity: connectivity studies

An integrated transport network


Regional scheme prioritisation

Capacity and capability

Consultation responses and correspondence