England's Economic Heartland

Stretching from Swindon to Cambridgeshire and from Northamptonshire to Hertfordshire, England’s Economic Heartland brings political and business leaders together to realise the region's economic potential while working towards net-zero.

We provide the region’s voice on strategic infrastructure and services. Our leadership is focused on addressing barriers to realising our potential.

  • We are the sub-national transport body for the region. Our overarching transport strategy, 'Connecting People, Transforming Journeys' is a 30 year strategic vision for our transport system that puts the needs of businesses, individuals and the environment at the forefront of investment decisions
  • Our work on wider strategic infrastructure is focused on making sure investment in transport, digital and utilities infrastructure is ‘joined up’
  • Our work with partners is focused on identifying investment priorities, getting the funding secured and then delivering improvements to budget and on-time.
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The philosophy behind England's Economic Heartland is:

  • Strategic infrastructure issues (and solutions) extend beyond any one single area.
  • Issues that are common to one or more areas can benefit from a co-ordinated response.
  • There is a need for stronger integration of investment by government, its agencies, local authorities, as well as infrastructure and service providers.
  • To push the case for investment through a single voice and at the right scale to have impact and success.

Sub-national Transport Bodies

EEH is one of seven sub-national transport bodies covering the entirety of England outside of London.

STBs advise the Secretary of State for Transport on the investment requirements of their region.

Core functions of sub-national transport bodies are the creation of a long-term transport strategy that sets the framework for sub-regional transport investment and planning going forward, and to prioritise infrastructure requirements.

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Oxford-Cambridge Arc

A significant part of the Heartland has been identified by the government as a national economic priority – the Oxford to Cambridge Arc. This designation builds on the National Infrastructure Commission’s 2017 report: Partnering for Prosperity – a new deal for the Cambridge – Milton Keynes –Oxford Arc.

England's Economic Heartland provides leadership on strategic transport infrastructure in support of the Arc, working closely with other Arc related activity.

Strategic Delivery Partners

Seven private sector companies form EEH's Strategic Delivery Partners Group, aimed at realising the economic potential of the region.

They are Kier, WSP, Jacobs, Ringway Jacobs, Skanska, Volker Fitzpatrick and Atkins.

All the companies involved in the group currently provide services and works for one or more of the councils which make up EEH, following their respective competitive tender processes. They work collaboratively to provide technical advice to EEH on its work programme, ensuring its commissions offer best value for money and benefit from the latest thinking and technological developments.

England's Economic Heartland leadership

​Cllr Richard Wenham

Chair, England's Economic Heartland

Leader, Central Bedfordshire Council

Cllr Liz Leffman

Vice-Chair, England's Economic Heartland

Leader, Oxfordshire County Council

England's Economic Heartland business unit:

  • Naomi Green: managing director (ngreen@englandseconomicheartland.com)
  • Beth Dormer: executive co-ordinator to Naomi Green (bethany.dormer@englandseconomicheartland.com)
  • Fiona Foulkes: business manager (fiona.foulkes@englandseconomicheartland.com)
  • Suzanne Winkels: principal technical lead (suzanne.winkels@englandseconomicheartland.com)
  • James Golding-Graham: decarbonisation and innovation manager (James.Golding-Graham@Oxfordshire.gov.uk)
  • Abi Nichols: project lead (abinichols@englandseconomicheartland.com)
  • Trevor Brennan: project lead (trevor.brennan@englandseconomicheartland.com)
  • Nathalie Mazhunga: project officer (nathalie.mazhunga@englandseconomicheartland.com)
  • Adam King: communications manager (aking@englandseconomicheartland.com)