Integrating transport

Milton Keynes Central

EEH is working with partners to realise an integrated and joined-up transport system, which maximises opportunities to increase sustainable travel uptake.


A key area of focus for EEH is helping our authorities stem the decline in patronage for bus travel, particularly in less populated areas.

In partnership with Transport for the South East and Transport East, we organised workshops led by industry experts for transport officers to gain invaluable learning into subjects including funding mechanisms, marketing and data analysis.

In September 2023 we held a Bus Symposium bringing together Board members with experts, from which a number of actions were identified for EEH to take forwards.

For more information to see our September 2023 Board paper, while you can also read our Bus Strategy.

Mobility Hubs

In March 2023 we published the most in-depth guidance yet for local authorities producing business cases for mobility hubs – particularly in rural areas. The work has been received very positively by our partners and EEH was even invited to speak about the guidance to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Sustainable Transport Division.

During 2023 a tool identifying potential locations for mobility hubs in the region will be developed and in 2024 our work will focus on how mobility hubs can be made a reality.

Active Travel

The first phase of EEH’s active travel strategy was published in 2022 and sets out the ambition for active travel in the region. In July 2023 we published the second phase of our active travel strategy, which recommends locations where improvements to active travel should be investigated. In October 2022 we also launched Introducing the Varsity Way, which makes the case for an improved cycleway between Oxford and Cambridge. During 2024 we will explore opportunities for the Varsity Way in the Marston Vale area.